I created a FF dependency in a task
Task B should end 10 days before end of task A
Task b has a 60day duration
If I now change the duration of task B I would imagine that the start date of this task should be moved forward in order to meet requested end date, but this does not happen
the end date jumps over the end date of task A
FYI: Taks A is a set date in our project and should never be influenced by any other task
Any sugestions how to create this dependency in a better way?

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Hi Christophe Kinds,

I am assuming that when you add duration time to Task B you would prefer to have the time added to the front of Task B as opposed to the end. If that is what you want, then it does not work as simply as adding to the duration. There is a post for Dynamic Due Dates and Timelines that is in the Product Feed Back forum. you should go there and vote for this feature as well. There is also a little bit of information regarding a work around that you may find useful. 

Hope this helps.


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