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I'm wondering if Wrike could add an additional role like 'Locked' or something similar that denied a person access but did not delete their account or unassigned their tasks. In the event that you have to let a person go, there does not appear to be a way to lock them out immediately. I hope to not have to go through this again but I can't be the only one. I needed to be able to manage the security risk immediately by locking them out but then moving forward I will need to be able to reassign all of that persons work.

I was able to open a dummy user and reassign everything to that account and then just delete that persons account but has anyone had this situation happen? Is there a better way to lock someone out of the software?

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And just to make clear, this is our standard practice to remove access to all cloud-based SaaS applications on termination but in now way suggests any malicious intent on their part.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Naomi! Completely understand, a lot of companies have similar policies. What we normally suggest is downgrading the person's account to Collaborator, doing that will heavily restrict their editing rights within the Workspace. However, downgrading them to Collaborator won't lock them out of their account by default, it'll just limit what they can do once they sign in. If you're using single sign-on and their SSO account is deactivated then they'll be unable to log in to Wrike.

We do have the option to deactivate users on Enterprise subscriptions. That more closely gives you the functionality that you're looking for but it is on a different plan. Let me know if you're interested in checking that out though! 

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The ability to deactivate users should be available to all plans, not just the Enterprise subscriptions. At the very least, account owners (but not necessarily admins) of Marketing & Business-tier subscriptions should have the ability to deactivate users. 

One the ways to differentiate the Enterprise subscriptions from Marketing & Business-tier subscriptions would be to allow account admins (in addition to the account owners) having this ability.

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