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I would like to be able to check & control that users follow standard operating procedures in folder and project setup, and ultimately everyone has and follows the structure we setup.  The structure compliance is important, because reporting is based on it to a large degree.

What we need is to see the folder tree structure per each space: Top level folder -> any folders/projects/tasks within -> any folders/projects/tasks within, and so on. When I export from Table view, i don't see how to pivot that export into the clear sequential structure.  By clear, i mean the one can easily identify what is a parent of what, and pivot into a tree. I ended up doing this manually - please see attached spreadsheet, that is what i ultimately want to have, because that is pivotable.

I did this my viewing the Table view and copying and pasting the project/task names within. Unfortunately, exporting from Table view gives a list of all folders, projects and tasks without indicating parent/child relationships, so no way to piecing together what the whole tree looks like from top to bottom.

Here is a snapshot of what we built (manually).  This can then be pivoted and compared across spaces.


Anyone has any idea on how to achieve this in a non- or less manual way?

Thank you

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Hi Catherine Cole, thank you for taking the time to share your use case and feedback in detail. I see that you've contacted our Support team in relation to your question as well. I'll pass on your feedback to our Product team👍🏼

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