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All the documentation about Jira sync is only for 2 way sync. Is there a way to do one way sync from Jira to Wrike? Better yet, have the ability to restrict what gets synced back from Wrike? For example comments only, but I don't want wrike to be able to update any of the ticket info, and status. Reason is I don't want people in Wrike to mess up my Jira workflow. I only want to provide visibility of Jira tickets in Wrike. If this is not possible now, please implement this.  

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Yes, this is possible. 

The Wrike to Jira (or Jira to Wrike) sync utilizes Unito as a middleware API. When you configure your Unito syncs (or flows), you get to specify whether each sync is one-way or two-way. If you wanted to have All tickets from Jira sync down to Wrike, but have nothing from Wrike (or no updates to those Jira tickets that have synced to Wrike) end up back in Jira, you would set up a one-way sync to send from Jira to Wrike. 

However, we have found it useful to set up the Jira board with a two-way sync to a Wrike folder/project in order to provide visibility into the tickets for Wrike users, but then restrict permissions on the Wrike side to only allow the IT PM or Scrum Master to make any changes on the Wrike side if needed. Doing it this way makes it so that a Wrike user won't send a comment or an update on a ticket through Wrike and expect it to show up in Jira when it won't - instead, the Wrike user just can't make the update at all. 

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Thanks! I'll give this a try.


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