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Hey, I love Wrike approvals, and would really appreciate the ability to code an approval sequence for tasks, projects, and intake request forms (i.e Tina approves THEN Fred approves).

Right now, we're able to automate an approval sequence by coding approvals into workflow statuses. It's a great option for linear approval sequences; however, it doesn't scale well. Some of our approval sequences are much more intricate, and would require dozens of statuses if we used that method.

Would it be possible to build an approval sequence option into the existing approval process? It would really help us, for both newly created tasks/project, and in the requests area of Wrike (we often build approvals into our intake request forms).



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Hello Kristen Shier, welcome to the Community 👋🏻

Thank you for sharing your feedback here, I've passed it on to our Product team. Here is a useful article explaining what happens after we receive Product feedback 🖊

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Cansu Wrike Team member Conosci le straordinarie funzionalità di Wrike e le best practices

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