Taking an email and adding the comments to Wrike

Searched through the portal but to no avail.  I noticed recently when using the Wrike add on in Outlook to send comments to a task within Wrike is a formatting issue.  Something simple in my opinion as an issue but would be a nice development is to include some of the spacing when copying over.  The examples in the attached images show the list of sizes of glass panels in an easy to read format when in Outlook but when you add the task to Wrike it loses the formatting.  I pressume this is converting the email to rich text format to allow it to add to Wrike, but even when I have done this in other applications the spacing and paragragh markers still carry over.

Not expecting a great amount of upvotes but would appreciate it Wrike took note of the issue if possible.

Outlook details

Wrike image

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Hi Glyn Thomas, I can see how this would be helpful! This has been passed on to our Product team, I'll keep you posted on any updates.


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