"Improved" timer icon issues

The new timer icon on top RHS of screen seem like a good attempt to improve things, and maybe it can get there, but pls fix the following two regressions that I have found:

  1. It used to be possible to start and stop the timer with once click. That capability has disappeared. Now you need two clicks - one to open up the timer, and another to start stop. Timers are used frequently, so need every efficiency available.
  2. The previous timer would remember the category and description if they were edited e.g. when starting the timer. Now whatever you put in there gets lost if you exit the timer! The category and description setup in each task timer gets lost when adding the entry from the timer icon. Please cache the settings (description, category) across uses and sync it up with the task timer settings.
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I would also add to Wayne's suggestions to make the timer that is displayed up top more visible.  It gets lost in all of my navigating around Wrike throughout my day, and I often forget to turn it off.  Perhaps turn it RED when it's on and counting time, and grey when paused, or yellow when paused.  Just some suggestions.

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