Delete Wrike Tasks instead of just Recurrence

We are using recurring tasks quite a lot and are finding them confusing. If we delete a recurrence, it often times deletes the original task as well. How can we prevent that from happening so that we still have the original task and are ONLY deleting the recurrence? 

Additionally, the options to start, end and 'limit to' are confusing. The functionality seems inconsistent and we are not completely confident in recurring tasks, but we need to utilize them. 

Lastly, we would love to have a project with recurring tasks as a template; but when we kick off a templated project from a request form, the recurrence does not remain and we have to re-build each time for hundreds of tasks.

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Hi Laura, thanks for reaching out 🙂

If you go to the original Task, click "Edit recurrence" and then "Delete", it should delete the recurrent Tasks created upfront (the original Task will not be deleted). Please let me know if that helped.

As for the options you mentioned, the start date indicates the day when the recurrence should start, the end date shows when the recurrence should finish. For example, I make Task X recurrent, the recurrence should start today and finish on Dec, 31, and it should also occur every workday - that means that 8 Tasks will be created in the recurrence. "Limit to" option allows you to enter a specific number of recurrences that should occur (for example, I don't want to fill in the End date; instead, I'll just limit the recurrence to 5). If anything is still unclear to you, please let me know and we'll discuss further.

Currently it's not possible to create a Project template with recurrent Tasks as Recurrences are date-specific.

Please get back to me with any further comments or questions 🙌

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