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With multiple deliverables for each project, it's cumbersome to duplicate a task at a time and create the same dependencies already set from the template. After the project is produced, can we please be able to copy tasks or sets of tasks?

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Have you tried duplicating a folder/project?


  • When you duplicate a Folder: Subfolders, Custom Fields, and dependencies between tasks are automatically duplicated as well.
  • When you duplicate a Project: Owner, workflow, start and end dates, Custom Fields, Subprojects, and dependencies between tasks are automatically duplicated as well. Project status is not duplicated and the new Project has a green status.

" -Duplicate a Folder or Project

This looks like it would allow duplicating any tasks and dependencies in a given folder or project. You might create a template for the project or folder containing all the tasks that you wish to duplicate, then context click (right click on Windows) and select "duplicate".

Does this seem like it would suit your purpose?

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Hi all,

I have a workaround for this since it seems they aren't going to add this obviously necessary and SUPER BASIC feature.

Create Project "TASKS TEMPLATE"

Duplicate Project "TASKS TEMPLATE" and rename it "TASKS TEMPLATE 2"

Select all Tasks in TASKS TEMPLATE 2

A menu should come up on the right (or it may require a right-click after multiple task selection).  Anyhow, see screenshot for this one.

Choose MOVE TO and then choose the Project you want these tasks moved to.

Delete TASKS TEMPLATE 2 (and keep original TASKS TEMPLATE for future use)


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