User profile setting for default folder/project

We would really like to see a user profile setting that allows each user to select a default folder/project that would be used automatically for any task the user creates where the task would currently be created without any folder/project assignment. Tasks created without any folder/project assignment land at the workspace root where they can very easily get lost.

Ideally (for us, anyway), the default for this new setting would be the user's Personal folder, with each user able to adjust their default as needed.

Use case 1:  When creating a task from My Work, it's extremely easy to overlook the Add folders link, particularly when adding a number of tasks in rapid succession. When you press Enter after typing your task title (the intuitive way I've seen most of our users interact with this feature), the task gets created so you lose the chance to add the folder during task creation... you have to remember to click the Add folders link before you press Enter.

Use case 2: When adding multiple tasks that all belong in the same place from My Work, it's cumbersome to have to select the folder for each one. It's also cumbersome to leave My Work to find the tasks to use Mass Edit to change the folder assignments en masse.

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I think the default option of new tasks going into your personal folder is a great idea. My company also has the issue of users creating tasks without assigning a folder and not only does it get lost but also the tasks generally are personal to them and they get frustrated when it is accidentally shared with the entire company.

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why not just make an option to set the default folder.


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Exactly Daniel

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback! It's been passed on to our Product team and they'll use it in future discussions about the roadmap. If you have any other questions let me know 😊


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