Sorting for My Work Update

Last week I enabled the My Work Update in Wrike Labs: It's a fantastic improvement that has helped me manage my day-to-day activities better. I can see everything assigned to me ("Incoming") and either choose to work on it "Today" or backlog it ("Later"). It's simple, effective, and exactly what I feel Wrike was missing until now. 

My Work could be further improved with sorting. I'd love to be able to sort Today and Later by Importance, Date, and Priority. (Currently, I can only reorder tasks manually, which is what Wrike calls organizing by "Priority".) Sorting would help me make sure I'm always working on the most important and urgent tasks. Right now I have to scan through all of my tasks everyday to make sure I haven't missed anything—which is time that could be saved with some sorting functionality.

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@Derik Krauss - I would like similar enhancements. I would love the ability to sort the 'My Work' tasks for 'This Week' by due date instead of just getting a list of all tasks with start dates for the current week.

For example, when I view the tasks for 'This Week,' tasks are not sorted in order by the nearest due date. I know you can make custom dashboards that would enable this, but I really like the ease of access and view of the My Work dashboard. It would be great if there were a quick column sorter right at the top of the dates column (similar to Excel)...

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