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It would be helpful if we could see more detail about who/what/when an update occurred within a project or task. Today, we rely heavily on the data within projects and tasks for reporting purposes. If a custom field changes, we would like to more clearly see which changed and what it changed from. This is necessary for us to troubleshoot reporting issues or track changes.

For example: if an account number changes for a project from S1234 to A1234, we need the comments to state such

(I posted this in Requests as well - I'm not certain if this is different, so sorry if I'm duplicating efforts)

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Thanks for sharing Laura! I see a HUGE benefit to having this type of information within Wrike. When managing programs for many accounts things change and to be to have better record of what those changes rather than just stated "Updated Description" will help answer many questions and resolve issues!

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It was immensely useful to have this level of information in JIRA, where it is commonly available. Seeing when a developer has been assigned, or the assigned developer has changed can be critical to troubleshooting blockages.

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Hey everyone, thank you for this feedback! It's been passed on to the Product team.

I don't have an update for you at the moment, but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to let you know.


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