Drag & Drop file within tasks and subtasks

Hey all,


Is there a quick way to easily add a file in a subtask if the file is already uploaded in the main task ?This is really difficult for me to download the file in the main task, then upload it in the subtask again and again.

E.g: My supplier uploaded it a file in my subtask "supplier" this doc has to be reviewed by my customer. In my second subtask called '' Customer''


---> would be great if I only have to Drag & Drop my file from a task to another without having to download them everytime. 


Could you improve this, this feature would save me a lot of time ?


thank you

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This would be extremely efficient.   I spend way too much time downloading files just to upload to another task or sub task or project. 

Is this on the radar ??



Stacey Gill Munich Re

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi both, sorry for the delay getting back here now!

Right now drag and drop from one item to another for attachments is not something the team is looking at, but I agree something could be done here to make improvements on how attachments appear across different items.

Personally, I permalink the task with the attachment in the task I need it. Depending on who you're sharing the task with, this seems to work pretty well for me. It also avoids the download, upload process.

Another alternative is to use cloud storage, so that a link is all you need, which you can paste anywhere you need it. For many attachments, we use Google Drive too which works really well for this - perhaps it's an option you can start.

Either way, if there's any development about this, I'll be sure to update you here 👍

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