Analytics View: Active Tasks


It would be nice to see active tasks in the pie chart within the Analytics view of a project.


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Well... there is something like that but is... separated in "later" and "overdue"


would you like a secction wich label says "active"?

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Yes, another label that would say the number of open/active tasks.

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Hi Valerie, nice idea, thanks for sharing. Our team has been thinking about enhancement around the Analytics data so it's great to get some feedback on it here.

You might be aware but just in case you're not, or if any other members would like to view this data too, you can take a look at this in Reports and choose specific Workflow Status or set by Active and Completed tasks to get a quick overview where things are in terms of In Progress and Completed tasks.




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Would love to use the analytics view for better reporting. Reports are great, but I find myself having to export to excel to put together the type of reporting I need to display for my manager. Having the ability to use date ranges and filter would make the analytics view amazing!!!


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