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Within Projects, I'm rolling up Effort and Time Spent from all subtasks. With those totals on the project level, I made a custom field to show Time Spent % which is simply [Time Spent]/[Effort].

I've quickly come to the realization that rolling up Time Spent will include time from both Billable and Non-Billable tasks.

My team needs a custom field which would be Billable Time Spent. I could then take Billable Time Spent and divide by Effort to have Billable Time Spent %. This metric is a general pulse check on how we are pacing in terms of burning Effort.

I'd like to be able to accomplish this via Custom Field in the Table view of a project, instead of creating a report.

Is this possible now or on the roadmap for the future?

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I've built a workaround for now which can be used within the Table view, and I would like to share with the community. It requires you to create two new custom fields, but at least delivers the end goal. Note, this workaround requires access to Financial Settings.

Custom Field #1, Billable Time Spent, uses the formula [Actual fees]/[Bill Rate] with the output format as Hours.
Bill Rate is a numerical value and can be from the Job Role in your Account settings, or Project specific via custom hourly rates with the Project.

Custom Field #2, Billable Time Spent %, uses the formula [Billable Time Spent]/[Effort] with the output format as Percent.

A potential issue I can see with this fix happens if your Space contains varying custom hourly rates set across your projects.

Still holding out hope Time Spent can be expanded upon with the fields of Billable Time Spent and Non-Billable Time Spent within the Table view, without having to switch to a custom report.

Hope this helps someone else!

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Hi David Simmington, thanks a lot for providing your feedback and sharing your workaround as well 🤗 I've sent your suggestion to the responsible Product team 👍

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