Gantt Chart Logic

While completing a Gantt Chart development with calendar logic between tasks I find that Wrike adds "Start Constraints" if certain data is edited within the schedule. The most glaring and easiest to explain is as follows. 

  • input a task Name.
  • Determine and input its predecessor notation relative to another task. 
  • At this point the duration is automatically entered as 1d and the Start and Due dates are automatically entered. 
  • Change the Duration. Wrike adds a Start constraint that will force the start date to equal the start constraint. 
  • Try to delete the start constraint to again let the logic drive the schedule. Removing the start constraint does not update the task start and due dates to follow logic. 
  • It seems the only way to get the task to now follow logic is to delete the start  date, due date, and the predecessor then re-enter the logic (with the duration that was entered a few steps ago) and let Wrike recalculate the start and due date. This time the dates will be driven by the schedule logic. 

This can be very frustrating and a time waste during the development of a schedule. Worse if the start constraint is not noticed the user may think the schedule is driven by logic when it is not. Further, if during a project progress the schedule is visited and adjusted for reality by editing a duration of a task the start restraint again is made. 

Does any one else struggle with the Wrike start constraint or the Gantt Chart system in general?  


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What is the value of the Start Constraint?? As a project evolves the duration of a task will change with the evolution, perhaps a new sub contractor is used and they complete a task in a different time frame, or a design team needs more time to complete a task and the schedule should calculate the effect on the schedule time. Every time this happens Wrike adds a start constraint that overrides the schedule logic. The only way I know of to eliminate the effects of the start constraint is to delete all of the task dates and logic and then make the duration the new updated duration THEN reenter the logic to calculate the schedule. This is crazy, is there a way to "click off" the start constraint?

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Hi Jay Lilly, welcome to the Community 👋

We have a Help Center article here on date constraints, please check it out in case you haven't yet. And if you'd like to, I'm happy to raise a Support ticket for you in case you need additional help, please let me know! 

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