Automatic sorting by due date in Table View

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In the Table view, it would be FANTASTIC if the tasks would automatically sort by Due Date. Currently it always defaults to sort alphabetically, and I have to click on the “Due” column heading every single time I view a table to see the tasks in chronological order. (I cannot figure out why anyone would ever need to see an alphabetically list of tasks. Am I right?! ) 

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I completely agree with that statement. In fact, I would even suggest another option that would remember the sorting instead of setting it as a default. I can think of the following things as being remembered from the last visit:

  • Column Sorting
  • Expanded/Collapsed Subtasks
  • Column Width
  • Filters
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Agreed - our team & client is extremely frustrated with not being able to default by date & due dates are the issue at hand - not alphabetical order of tasks! Please work on this.


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Yes - this idea should be applied globally. System needs to remember how I set my sorting, column sizes, etc and reproduce that every time I hit a page or view where I've updated these settings. Otherwise, every time I open a project or folder, I am resorting and resizing columns (I work on a small screen frequently).  Thats several clicks every time I want to look at a project. 

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I would also like the option to leave parent tasks where they were placed. I often have to number the parent tasks so large groups of tasks aren't completely reordered when I sort by date. Parent tasks also default to alphabetical order rather than the order they were written, which again is useful to no one.. 

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 I think you should consider changing the underlying sort order in Table View  (and perhaps other views as well).

Alphabetical sort is too high on the list of default sort hierarchy.


-          Folders are sorted alphabetically regardless of due date or predecessor.  Folders have to be numbered (and renumbered) to insure they stay in the proper order. Not ideal.

-          Tasks are sorted alphabetically if the due dates are the same regardless of predecessor. Tasks names have to be changed (or numbered) to insure they stay in an intuitive order. Not ideal. 



When the Table View is sorted by Due date, then Due Date should be the dominant sort parameter, then Predecessor, then …. maybe something else (maybe Creation order?), then Alphabetical should be last. (Alphabetical sort is not relevant to a timeline overall, and should simply be the base level sort if all others are equal.)


You all have lots of thing to consider here. I would be happy to show someone what I am seeing, but this should be looked at.


Thanks for listening! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello Phil Ferguson, thank you so much for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it! I've shared your thoughts with our Product team 😊 If you'd like to further discuss it with your Wrike representative, I'm happy to contact them on your behalf 🙋🏻‍♀️

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