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Thanks for working to make it possible to map form fields to custom fields! This is working nicely for our team, but we're still forced to create a workaround solution today to solve for dynamic fields. We use the dynamic field entry function in the forms, which goes away once we select the field to map to.

For example: we enter the media type and format type of hundreds of projects. Media A can be Formats 1, 2 or 3; Media B can be Formats 4, 5 or 6 (not 1, 2 or 3).

When we create a project from a form, it's great, because we have it built so that if we select Media A, the next page only allows us to select Format 1, 2 or 3. However, when we build out the custom field for Format, we have 105 options... then when we try to map these on the form, we have to show all 105 Format options - and can no longer have it built dynamically based on the Media selected. We have considered adding different Format fields for each media type, but there are 16 different media types, which means 16 additional fields and a lot of room for confusion.

Is it on your product road map to build out dynamic custom fields?? This would be a huge help for our team's needs!

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This feature would be a big step forward for our organization! The current process can more easily introduce human errors into the process, so it's a shame we can't use both the custom field mapping and dynamic form fields together. Please consider adding this to your short-term project queue!

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I agree. Dynamic custom fields would really help our process!

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@Laura, thanks for posting this standalone post here.
@all, thank you for your votes and input on this suggestion.
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I completely agree, thanks for posting this!

I would also add that it'd be extremely helpful to not be required to add a folder in the "2. Place project into" field for custom fields to work on the dynamic form. This is because in a situation where you want a project to end up in a folder based on the user's answer to a question in the form, you don't necessarily want to specify a default folder for the project to go into—since it is answer-dependent.


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