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I was playing with the mobile app on Android and went to the My Work section. What I was expecting to find in the My Work section was something like what's on the My Work section in the Web App -- a list of tasks sorted by start date. Instead, in the Android app, there's a list of task assigned to me, and above it a series of cards for tasks that have been assigned to me since the last time I opened the app (or something -- anyway, there's "current" tasks and "new" tasks, for some definition of "new").
On those cards, the only options are "today", "later", and "next". When I opened up the app, I assumed that "later" meant "deal with this card later", so I hit "later". I now realise that "Later" meant "Put this in the "Later" section of My Work".
Now all the tasks that I hit "Later" on, thinking it meant "Process these later", are in the "Later" section of My Work, and because Wrike has the feature that once you put a task in some My Work section manually you can never to back to automatic sorting of that task, they're stuck in "Later" forever.
I was able to work out a workaround -- if you duplicate the task, you don't duplicate the "has been sorted manually" property, and so the duplicate can be sorted automatically. And fortunately, although this is a reasonable number of tasks, it's not too many to go back and duplicate them all manually. I also only realised afterwards that what I should have done was tap on the task title in the app; that opens the entire task and would have let me change the start date.
At the same time, stripping automatic sorting off tasks is such a big step that I don't think the mobile app should let you do it so easily.
Would it be possible to add a feature in the mobile app so that when you hit "Later" it says "This will move the task permanently to the "Later" Section of your My Work Display. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. Do you want to continue?"? That way people won't end up in the situation I ended up in by accident.
Alternatively, would it be possible to rethink this dialog? These are all tasks that were already correctly sorted in my web view of the app, and it was surprising to me to have to make a new sorting decision. I think it'd be more intuitive for this dialog to be
  • Accept -- accept the task as provided, this would be an easy default for people who had already seen the tasks on the web app and wouldn't change anything; it then just goes in the relevant section of My Work, sorted automatically
  • Review -- opens the task and gives you the option to edit it
  • Next -- as it is currently.

Hope this is useful feedback.

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PS sorry for the huge image, can't work out how to scale it.

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William, thank you so much for taking the time to write this up after doing the testing! This feedback is definitely something to think about, and I'll make sure to point our Mobile Team to it (all our Product Teams look through feedback on the Community).

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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