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It would be really neat if one day Wrike Bot could perform a series of automated tasks. Maybe if Wrike Bot could auto assign other tasks/notify users like the dependency feature?

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Amanda Jones Great Lakes MP, Corp

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I really like this idea, Amanda. Currently, the Wrike Bot is mainly there to facilitate notifications to your inbox and complete automated actions like creating tasks from Request form submissions.
Thanks for sharing this suggestion about Wrike Bot notifications on dependencies. Now others can vote and discuss this idea. If you'd like to expand on any other ideas you have on this please feel free to comment so our Product Team can refer to this thread when discussing this feature internally. 
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I was just talking about this also.  I wish it would change the status of a task when all the dependencies are complete.  Right now all my first Active statuses are set to "waiting on the previous task".  when all the previous dependencies are complete, the status should change to "in progress".

Or create a status group for waiting on previous tasks to complete.  Kind of like an "on hold" until previous tasks are done first then becomes active.

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Hi Sam, thanks for writing in! We recently released the ability to auto-assign tasks based on status changes. While this isn't currently connected to dependencies, I'm wondering whether it could partially help with the current processes? Our Product Team is eager to learn about the types of automation you'd find useful, so it would be great if you could pop over to this dedicated post and share your ideas there too: Auto-assignment based on status change.

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My question regarding Wrike Bot is similar to this conversation. When using custom workflows and the auto-assign feature, it appears Wrike Bot is adding the new assignee when the status changes. My question: Why doesn't Wrike Bot remove the previous assignee at the same time? I am trying to use a custom workflow for a multi-step task that includes reviews and tasks by different people, but Wrike Bot just keeps adding assignees designated to be added with the status change - but it keeps everyone previously assigned! This makes no sense to me. When I finish my part of the flow and change the status, and the status change automatically assigns the next person (a slick feature BTW, Kudos on that!), I want to be removed from the task. Can you guys make that happen please?

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We would like to be able to add comments to Tasks via Wrike Bot.

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Hi everyone! I know this is an older thread, but please check out Wrike's Automation engine that was released late in 2020, it should be useful for certain automation in Wrike 🤗 

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