Better/More robust dependency UI for GANTT charts in Timeline view

I'd like a better/more robust dependency UI in GANTT charts.

Currently when a subordinate task/milestone is moved up, rather than showing up as a critical path, it simply removes the dependency.  This makes no sense - it means we have to individually reschedule each dependency, or move the entire timeline (holding down the "shift" key).  

I have many projects where the final end date milestone must stay the same, but the preceding dependencies need to shift and need to also adjust their respective dependencies as well.

I'm currently having to do a lot of process modeling in OmniPlan because Wrike doesn't support this.

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Hello Alex, this seems to be an interesting case! Wrike only suggests removing a dependency when rescheduling a dependent task goes against its logic (which defeats the purpose of having a dependency between the tasks). Do you mean you would like the dependencies to work both ways with two tasks having equal priorities? Or do you mean you'd prefer to have the dependencies 'broken' but still displayed somehow?
I'm also sure your current set up can be optimized by using different types of dependencies and potentially date constraints. So if you can describe a specific case in which rescheduling turned out to be problematic I'd be happy to take a closer look at it and suggest possible improvements!
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We have had a similar issue to the one Alex had, for us the date constraint was causing an issue with automating rescheduling. The only way to overcome it was turning the last dependicy to a milestone and moveing it using the shift key.


I agree better dependency UI for the timeline would be greatly appreciated.


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