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Our team loves the Adobe CC integration, but find that it's quite difficult to read what jobs they have on as it shows every subtask.

Currently it shows in one big list with less hierarchy.

But it would be awesome if it could group all subtasks to sit under the subtask if the user is assigned to everything.

Main tasks would show in the list initially, and then you could have the option to drop down to show the subtasks within that that the person is assigned to. Rather than treating each individual as a main task.

In the below example, the Brand Story, Our Range, Packaging Overview, Mission Statement, How We Talk, About Customer, Brand Elements are all part of an overall branding job that one designer is assigned to, so would be nice if that view could be minimised to show just the "brand re-design" as the main task and the subtasks drop down.

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I agree - I was curious to see if anyone else had requested the ability to see subtasks within the CC plug in.  We organize by a project number, and within that project number have drop downs for pre-production, production, post production and review.  If I could search for the project in the plug in and then be able to find the exact task via a drop down, it would be a lot cleaner and easier for the team. 

Kyle Howerton Digital Media Producer

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Hi guys, thanks for the use cases here. It's not currently on our Product Team's roadmap but it's something that is being discussed internally so thank you for your input and votes. If and when I have an update, I'll be sure to post here 👍

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Cool, thanks Stephen! :)


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

A great idea! Any update on this possibly being implemented, Wrike Team?


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