Expanded Request Form Functionality

We would like to use the Request forms instead of external Software for many things, but at the moment they are a bit limited and more of a nice to have feature. At this point I can't be sure If you have any interest in slowly expanding this into a fully fledged ticket system. Anyway here are some features I'd really like to see for internal and external application:

1. Create External Request Forms for more than one language (e.g. English and Chinese). Right now Wrike selects the field description for Name and Mail Address and its not possible to edit it.
2. Dependencies in between fileds (e.g. selecting Option1 unlocks Dropdown Menu 3, which was hidden before).
3. Cascading Dropdown menues to enable suboptions.
Custom mail response from own mail domain instead of @wrike.com.
4. creating a Taskname with input from 2 or more fields (e.g. Request Type + Customer Number + "Ticket ID").
5. Custom "Ticket ID" range and automatic response mail address (currently not available for editing).
6. Optional fixed input format for questions (e.g. for an IPv4 address. Four 3digit blocks, seperated by a full stop, with only Integer values from 1-255 allowed as input).
7. Transfering Request Form input into a existing description field for the Wrike Task Template. Just like its already possible for Task Title and Date.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Maximillian, thank you for posting this detailed request, this is fantastic! I appreciate how detailed your points are here, and I think that they're all really interesting. We continue to work on enhancing the Request Forms feature, and there as some exciting releases coming soon which I think you'll appreciate, I'll make sure to update this thread about it. :)

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+1 for bullet #2

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No progress on these excellent points ?

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This feature would be really great for everybody

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@Karine, @Serge  No news at the moment, but I personally think it's a great idea(s) 🙂 Let's try making it more popular by linking to it on similar threads. Once it reaches 60 upvotes, I'll add a Product Status here. 

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