Current setup we use in a big company for hybrid collaboration

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Before COVID, our entreprise (> 20000 employees) had almost no remote working activity. Everybody went to the office each day. When COVID hit, it was crucial to have remote capabilities asap. At that moment, the primary objective was being able to meet digitally (next to upgrading infrastructure that allowed everyone to connect from home). It was a real game-changer and a momentum was created.

At the moment we are combining days at home with days at the office, all in a quite flexible way. To organize this, each team created guidelines to ensure this flexibility would not come into the way of operational availability.

For communicating (which is the key-factor when working remotely/hybrid) we use primarily:

  • E-mail for official and structured communication.
  • MS Teams for day-to-day chats, quick follow-up, meetings and webinars.
  • We're looking to make more active use of MS Yammer for companywide communication and setting up communities.
  • We equipped our meeting rooms with screens, cameras and sound to enable hybrid meetings.

For task management, on a low level, we are using Microsoft Planner. However, once you are starting with projects or collaborating with multiple teams, you quickly lose all overview.
That's why we are implementing Wrike to ensure that we have a capable tool that is able to manage our different work-processes in a centralized and collaborative way.

We use SharePoint as our Single Point of Truth and link to relevant documents from within Wrike.

The IT-teams still use Jira and next on the list is setting up Project Syncs in Wrike to allow task synchronisation between the two tools (to avoid blind spots).

We are using MS Forms for questionnaires, but most likely we will be using Wrike Request Forms soon for specific work intake.

We have Wrike available for MS Teams and an integration in Outlook, but at the moment we're almost completely using Wrike via the browser or via the desktop client.

I've read some posts in this section that mention the sharing of Wrike Calendars via MS Teams. That seems useful and we might just do the same. Another great tip I've read here that we'll most likely be using is the implementation of "Wrike Office Hours", where people can book a meeting and ask help for anything about Wrike. That's brilliant.

So, thanks everyone for sharing all these experiences. Very useful!

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Thank you for your tips, Sammy! 🤗

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