API Access Denied to Certain Folders


I've been working on an integration to keep our Salesforce and Wrike environment synced for changes as we have different departments who access Project-related work from different tools.

For the most part, this is working exactly as expected and 99% of the syncs work without issue, however periodically I get a Recipe error when attempting to update the Wrike Project, and attempting to process via Postman (https://www.wrike.com/api/v4/folders/{projectID}) nets me the same error:

"Folder not found or access denied error."

When I log in as our integration user (which is an Admin, and has all permissions), I have access to the Project/Folder, and can manipulate the Project manually.  I've also attempted to move the Project into a Space/Folder that's been made available to the entire team and still get this issue.

The Projects in question are fully marked complete and are being stored in a Folder that we have labeled as Archived, but there are no special permissions/limited access to the Folder.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I could look into in trying to identify what is causing these issues?

Thank you!

 - JD Lynn

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Hi JD Lynn, welcome to the Community 🙌

I've asked our API experts to reach out to you about this, they will contact you ASAP. 

Let me know if you have any more questions or feedback about Wrike 👍

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