Blueprint Task as Milestone without Date

I'm working on setting up our teams Blueprints so when we get new projects its easy to add them to our ever growing list with the same inital set up. 

One of the things we found works best for us is that under a certain main task, we set all the subtasks as milestones. However, in the blueprint when I set the task as a milestone, it automatically assigns a date. When I clear that date out to just have it blank when the project is created the task reverts back to a regular task and not a milestone. 

Is there a way to not have a date in the milestone without it reverting back?

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I guess milestones are meant to mark a certain day which may not be delayed, so it doesn't make sense to set up a milestone without a specific date. You'll have to change the date after creating tasks from the blueprint, then you can set up your milestones correctly.


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