Assign Users Dynamically with Request Form, Blueprint, and Dependencies

Hello all,

We have a request form that duplicates a blueprint. The blueprint has one parent task and lots of sub-tasks, all with dependencies set up so that all the task due dates adjust automatically based on values from the request form. Here's how it's currently set up.

The request form has a field for TODAY'S DATE (schedules the start date of the parent task and moves all dependent tasks to the same day) and a DEADLINE DATE field (schedules the end of the parent task which pushes the milestone to the correct date.

I would like to add logic to the form now so that some of the sub-tasks are assigned to a different person based on a specific value. For example, if it's a request for a community event, the highlighted tasks assign to Emily. If it's a partner request, it assigns to Ashtyn. I seem to be hitting roadblocks at every turn. 

I tried duplicating every single task I wanted to assign dynamically and adding this to the form:

It gets a little messy because the blueprint has so many tasks, but I thought it could work:

However, assigning sub-tasks using logic in the form means that they're not built out as sub-tasks to begin with. So it breaks all of the dependencies and the tasks don't line up anymore:

(Illustrating no parent task):

(Illustrating result with no dependencies):


I don't want to create multiple request forms. 

I wish you could just use the field logic to change which PARENT task is created instead of just adding the sub-tasks. Seems like a pretty big limitation. 

TLDR: Does anyone have ideas on how I can dynamically assign users to sub-tasks using a form field while keeping dependencies intact from the blueprint?

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I have also played this game and have not found a solution to automate assignees on subtasks.  If you have Job Roles (Resource Add-On) you can use those as placeholders.  We had to create "process documentation" for our team where a Captain is accountable for creating the project and assigning out all of the tasks/subtasks within it.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Another idea I tried is using the request type field in the form as a custom field:

Then using automation to assign the unassigned tasks that are created to a specific user based on the value:

However, the form only passed the custom value to the parent task:

I see that there's a request on the backburner that would solve this issue of the parent task custom value cascading to the sub-tasks.


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