Workload and effort of recurring tasks

We have regular Daily and weekly recurring meetings and want to see that time effort (which is in the original recurring task) in the workload overview, since it blocks time for each participant on that day. 

The workaround suggestion from Support to create the task upfront does the job to fill the workload correctly but has two downsides:

1. Changes to a recurring meeting, like participants or time, will not reflect in the already created upfront tasks and will have to be manually changed or the upfront tasks will have do be deleted and recreated

2. It spams the whole To-Do logic. Instead of having 1 recurring task we have hundreds that all appear in regular views like My to-do:

I would suggest a functionality that is similar to a calendar item and displays the upcoming effort of a recurring task according to the settings in the original task instead of relying on separate tasks for each day.

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Denis Zimmer hello again! Thank you for detailed feedback, and for posting the workaround suggested by our Support team 🙌

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