Managing a huge team with many campaigns

Hello - I'm looking for some best practices in setting up Wrike. 

1. I have a huge team that consists of 4 groups: Marketing, Creative, Editorial, Web

2. In each group, they are doing their own work, but they are also doing work for huge campaigns

3. We track approx. 32 campaigns at any given time.

How should I set up Wrike so that I can see everyone's work and I can see how to prioritize work based on Campaigns due?

For example:

Campaign A

Campaign B

Campaign C

1. I need to visually see where each campaign starts/ends

2. Where each task in each group falls within each campaign

3. All of their additional work that each person is doing individually

4. I need to drill down to only tasks due for the next two weeks - and not pay attention to things that won't start for awhile.

Any help out there would be appreciated!!



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Hi Aiden McDaniel, the best way depends really on your detailed situation and you have to think really through any detail.

What I think could work for you:

- make one space for your whole team

- make a project for each campaign and put all tasks belonging to the campaign in their. You can than clearly see where the campagn stands (your point 1)

- make a folder for each team in which the other stuff is organized (so tasks not belonging to a campaign, structure it by projects)

- for each team make a job role

- use the Workload (use teh filter options) to keep track on the team / individuals tasks (your point 2 and 3)

- to see tasks within the next two weeks make a report with the timeframe. (your point 4) (you can also ake it via dashboard, but I do not like it as you have to give the timeframe for each widget.

- you can also double tag a task to be within a campaign and within a teams folder if you want to see also campaign tasks in the team structure

- use the dashboard to let everybody see their individual tasks and use dashoards for yourself to keep overview

I hope that helps a little bit and gives an idea for a possible way.



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i think sven has a great roadmap for your layout! for our projects we have one main folder that houses those projects that everyone is working on, in addition to each teams separate folder (for their own teams work), and you can create various reports from.

for a quick project glimpse i like creating a report that brings in all the projects in that folder and enable Project Progress. based on completed tasks you can see the projects completion as a percentage (as long as each project has progress enabled).  this may or may not be useful for you, its just an added visual that i like sharing with my leaders. 

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Hi Daniel Garcia, welcome to the Community!

Thank you for sharing your tips here! We actually do follow a similar structure for our team too👀

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Aiden, a few months have past and hopefully you have discovered Wrike features that work well for you. Our business has a high volume of the same components with the addition of products. Our cadence is annually, quarterly, monthly and weekly. I would encourage you to keep asking questions and searching for streamlined processes using Wrike. In 2 years time we started using Wrike to establishing a well oiled machine using Spaces, Folders, Projects, Tasks, Custom Workflows, Blueprints, Request Forms and Automation across all areas. I just wanted to encourage you during this learning time. 

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