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Apologies if this was answered already, I did search the community (and youtube) but struggled to find a clear path to resolution.  My org has SFDC and Wrike connected, and I can see projects/folders in Salesforce on the appropriate objects as identified in the configuration of the SFDC package.  This is helpful to see what is happening on the Wrike side of the world at a glance.  Our hope, particularly around Leads and Opportunities, is to utilize the change in a lead/opportunity status to trigger action in Wrike.  From various reading it seems possible, but I am stuck.  Any chance someone can provide a link/literature or a few moments to support this critical second half of the two-way connectivity between SFDC and Wrike?  Thank you in advance!

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Hi Jonathan Woodcome, welcome to the Community 👋 

I can see that my colleague from the Support team is in touch with you about this 👍

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