Using a request form to create multiple tasks with unique entries for the custom data fields

I am trying to minimize the custom data fields from a request form for integration purposes. I can use the request form to make two different tasks but the custom data fields are always the same, I would like to have unique custom data fields relative to the task. For example, Jimmy Juice has worked on two projects. His rate of pay for one project was 89.00 and the rate of pay for another project was ten dollars. I am not able to distinguish the appropriate custom data field for each task. Jimmy Juice's submission allows him to enter two different projects but for both projects, the custom data field states, for example that his rate of pay for both projects were 89.00. Check out the project name also which is a custom data field from the request form. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried altering the request form to no avail. I am trying to use 8 custom data fields instead of 236. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm that is a difficult one. But a quick solution could be to make the request form that it has multiple pages and then fill it out twice. So if you select project 1 it will create blueprint/task 1 and when you select project 2 it will create blueprint/task 2. That is what I can think of at the moment, but i think it is not possible to create 2 different tasks using the same custom fields. Unless the split into two pages will help, maybe you could try that?

So if you create task/blueprint 1 with all the info and the add the option to create another task that links to the next page and then the submit button.


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Hello Pieter, 

I did try the multiple pages approach and was successful in creating two tasks under the appropriate project folder. However, both tasks used the custom data fields of the latest input.  It looks like the contractors and vendors will have to fill out multiple forms for each different project. 🙃

Thank you!!



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John Ketterer We have the same problem 😓 It was a topic first brought up in 2018, here where I believe the status is falsely "Launched" because the need was misunderstood.


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