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How do you solve for the review stage? We have used the approval functionality (Select for Approval) but that creates a due date issue. If we make the due date a few days longer to account for reviews, then the assignee thinks that's their due date, when in reality, they have to complete the task a few days ahead of the due date to allow time for reviews. It would be great if Wrike automatically changed the task due date to the date selected for the "Select for Approval".

How we currently solve for this - Example: we have a copy task used by our content creators to draft copy. Then we have a "Manager Review" subtask. Most of our assignees are just @mentioning their manager in their copy draft task asking them to review. That's much more efficient, however the due date goes red b/c even tho the assignee hit his/her due date, it's now in manager review which is why we have a separate sub-task for manager review. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi Donna,

We have encountered this exact issue.  I was hoping I could solve it with a custom automation step following the same logic you've noted above, but those options are not available for custom automations either.  I would love to see this automation added to either the approval workflow or as a custom automation.  Thanks for bringing this up as it was the next post I intended to write.

Cheers! Trevor

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We're currently using automation to help with this issue. 

Our workflow for writing content is:

  • Drafting
  • Team Proofing (approval included)
  • Making Team Edits
  • Final Review (approval included)
  • Making Final Edits
  • Ready to Post

We estimate that from start to finish, this process takes about 2 weeks. If a task sits in one single status for too long, it will trigger a reminder to the assignee.

Here's one example. If the task status doesn't change from "Drafting" after 5 days, it sends this message to the assignee:


It's up to the assignee to communicate delays and shift dates.

I hope that helps!

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that is helpful. Thank you!

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Anna Wallace  Great minds think alike!  We use the same technique, but have specific use cases where automated date updates with status change would be extremely helpful.

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Hey folks, that's a great discussion! 🔥

I've also sent your feedback to the team 👍

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