Spaces for Social Connection

With remote collaboration, it's so important to maintain strong social connections - and build bonds from scratch with new hires. 

For this reason, while we have spaces for client-related tasks, we also have a social space where we manage team-building events. This holds us accountable to regular virtual team-building events, and events are less likely to get stalled due to our busy schedules. We have more clarity into who owns what. From writing trivia questions to arranging virtual escape rooms, each task and subtask has an owner and due date. 

Unlike with Slack or other conversation platforms, we can have conversations in the Wrike stream, and it's tied directly to the original task. 

Thanks to this new method we are holding more social events, have higher morale (our eNPS score is up 18 points since this time last year), and empowering the members of the social committee.

There's even more we can do (like using the budgeting fields) to get even more value out of this space, but it's been a big win so far. 

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Wow, that's a super interesting use case and implementation, thank you so much for sharing it with the Community Amanda Stephens! 🤗

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Hi Amanda Stephens

We are having trouble coming up with social activities due to lockdowns... are you comfortable sharing your top 3 events that really worked for your company?

We use a section called "Company News" to announce our social events, but they are not actually planned in Wrike as such.


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Hi Debbie Brownlie!

Our team loves trivia, so our most successful events are variations on that theme. Best of all, they can be totally free outside of the time required to put them together. We use, and we are on the paid tier but it's free up to 25 participants. 

  1. General Knowledge Trivia
  2. Staff trivia - the team fills out a Google form in advance, answering such questions as "where have you travelled" and "what is your favourite food," based on these answers we guess who belongs to which answer. 
  3. Department wars - we have departments compete in skill-testing games ( has some good ones), solving riddles etc. The departments meet in a separate video conference to discuss/brainstorm, then come back to the main video conference for score updates. This was a big hit - but took more work to put together. 
  4. Virtual runs - this gets much lower participant (under 10 people) but we'll do things like 5km runs on our own but discuss tips, post our best times, share a post-race pic on Slack etc. to give it a social aspect.
  5. Virtual book club. We are just starting this but we'll be reading a book together and discussing via Slack.  

We've also done a couple paid initiatives like virtual escape rooms, but the price is steep and we'd rather save the budget for in-person events if at all possible. 

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We are holding virtual team building events, but are not using Wrike to help us track and get others involved. Will need to discuss with our team and like the idea.

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Amanda Stephens thankyou so much for sharing :)

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These are great ideas, and I hope to roll out something like this for our teams - very inspiring!


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