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The work we do has an established process, so steps 1-5 are the same for every project. My team would like a report created that would share the status of specific tasks for each project. For example, they want a report that shares the status about Step 2 and 3 for each project. Is it possible to create this in Wrike? Or would I need to export it to excel and filter from there?

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Shannon Strischek Do you use a blueprint to launch each project? If so, I have 2 ideas/approaches you could take: 

Option 1 (folders):

  1. Create a "Reporting" Folder and then create a folder for each step in your process under that folder. This theoretically won't be used for anything other than reporting. 
  2. In your blueprint, add that step's folder to the section that says "When creating from a blueprint, add this task to:". 
  3. Then you can create reports based on whatever step in your process you need by filtering the data down to only those folders. 

Option 2 (custom field):

  1. Create a custom field in your account at the task level (e.g. "Project Step" or "Step #"). 
  2. In the blueprint, add that custom field and fill it out within the blueprint for each step. Then when you create a new project from the blueprint, you have the step within that new custom field carried over. 
  3. Then create a report where you filter down to the step number you need within your new custom field. 

I hope one of these helps!


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