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Hello all,
The organization I work for is piloting Wrike for managing 20-30 projects at a time in the construction industry. 
We probably do about 300 projects a year so it's a reasonable volume of work.
I have set up 10 blueprints to reflect the types of projects. Each project has around 3-6 milestones that are the same for each blueprint. 
I create the projects using the blueprints, quote scope details and intended start dates. The problem we are facing is we are constantly shifting tasks and milestones.
Basically I want to reduce the administration work (as I will get more involvement with colleagues) by producing a report every day that indicates how much time we went over the different milestones so I can then adjust the new projects to reflect this. I am guessing over time we will start to see some trends.
OR am i doing it wrong and I shouldn't be shifting the milestones?
Any feedback on best practices for this kind of scenario would be really helpful.

Thank you

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Did you figure out how to do this? We were thinking that we need to lock milestones and due date so that a PM can't just change a missed deadline to a new date. But I can't figure out how to do this. A report on missed deadlines would also help but if the PM can keep shifting the date then it wouldn't show up on the report. Nor would the health report feature work to bubble up the risk due to the missed date. 

Can anyone help with how to lock a Due Date and use the health feature effectively to manage risk?

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Sharon Johnston we solved the problem very simple by not allowing the PM to shift date of mlestones without prior report to the management (just a directon by the supervisor). We see the milestones as agreement between management and project and change of milestone date has to be approved (via a project change proposal in pdf with signatures). I think nobody will change then the date without approval because you can follow up changes which means trouble for the PM. So if you trust your PMs you will not need to fix the milestones. 

Milestones will not shift date automatically (when you shift predeseccor task) but Wrike will show you in the Gantt Chart or conflict monitor problems when a task shifts behind the following milestone (if you set dependencies).

If suggestion one does not work for you and you want to lock milestones I would say make the main project plan and put all milestones in the top of the project. All tasks get into sub-projects. In the main project only trusted persons (who are allowed to shift milestone dates) get access as a PM. The PMs for the project itself get only read access, but on the sub projects they get access as PM. So they will be able to do everything in the sub-projects (where their tasks and plans are), the can see the milestones, but they are not able to change milestone dates.And you will be able (by Gantt chart and conflict monitor) to see any tasks getting behind the milestones if you set dependencies.


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