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I'm new to Wrike but I've used other PPM tools and I'm looking for specific reports that I don't see in Wrike.  How can I create a Gantt chart report with for all projects in my organization?

How can I drill down to the actual project after I have a list report?  

How can I add a report that I created into a dashboard?  The only widgets that I can add are not helpful for what I am trying to accomplish

Is there an external report writer that I can plug into Wrike that will allow me to write better reports?

Is there advanced training for reports and dashboards that goes beyond the basics, which is what the Wrike training videos are.  

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Welcome to the Community, Tony Santillan

If all of your projects are contained in one space/folder, you will be able to view the Gantt chart for these projects/tasks in one place. You could also tag them with a space/folder and view the Gantt chart from here. This way, you won't have to remove them from the folders they already reside in.

If you click on the tasks in the report, you can access the project they are attached to by clicking on the name of the project/folder in the opened task view.

If you're interested in more advanced reporting functionality in your dashboards, I'd recommend taking a look at Wrike Analyze. This will allow you to create analytics boards to further visualize your data.

Other than the templates that are available when creating reports, there is no designated report writer in Wrike. If this is a feature you'd be interested in, I'd recommend making a post in our Product Feedback section. Other Community members will be able to provide their feedback on this suggestion, and once that post reaches 60 upvotes, our Product team will provide you with a status update on your idea.

With advanced training, have you visited Wrike Discover yet? There are several courses that cover different aspects of Wrike that you may find helpful. For dashboards and reports, I'd recommend trying out "Stay On Top Of Work" and "Reports Managers Need".

Hope this helped! If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know.

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