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Hello all,

I am working on a newer implementation and putting together blueprints.  I have used the Ghant Chart in the blueprint to set up dates and dependencies for the blueprint.  When we have a request using the blueprint, will these port over based on the End date of the project?  How would I do that?



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Hi Matt,

When setting up your request form, all dependencies will come with all the tasks, as long as you are selecting the right blueprint project. The one thing to remember is to reschedule copied tasks to to align with the either the project start date or end date. That is question 6 on the right hand side of the request form. 

To choose the right setting depends on how you want your project to be set up. If you have a desired start date then you align with the project start date. Your tasks will then flow starting with your first dependent task and move everything forward giving you the date of when the project will should wrap up. 

If you need the project to be finished by a certain date then you align with the project end date. This will then set the date of your last task of the dependency and build backwards giving you the date of when your project will need to start to meet your end date target. 

It is important that you add a question that requests your submitter to enter a date. 

You will need to ask the question that will let the submitter know what date to put there. For example if you want the project to build from the first task onward then you may ask a question like, "What is the project start date?" If you want the project to build from the last task backwards then you would ask a question like, "What is the project deadline?" 

After setting the question you will want to select how the answer will be used. By default the system puts the answer in the Description. You will change this by selecting "Description", which has a drop down menu. 

From there you can then select the Start date or End date, depending on what will meet your need. 

One last thing is remember to check the box to make it required so that the submitter cannot submit the request form without filling out this date. 


Hope this helps.


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