Folder Snapshot - Bring back info from this view

Hi guys,

I did not use Wrike extensively when the previous Project/Folder summary "Snapshot" views were a feature:

I find very useful here things like being able to set the Workflow right here, see a Task Digest, and other features.  now to get that information you have to click on the "folder" icon if you are in list view, and that only brings up a Panel that resembles that of a Task, nothing like this Snapshot view.

You guys have brought back some of this functionality for Projects with the "Project Progress" button:

If you click that you get some of the info that used to be in the Snapshot for Projects.  But Folders have no such feature any more.  

Could you please bring this back, or reveal what your plans are for the next iteration of this great feature?  Folders are one of the big differentiators of Wrike - really sets you guys apart from Asana to which you are so frequently compared.  Having info about the Folder at fingertips is hugely helpful.  Going into Analytics or Reporting, or setting up a Dashboard to get that info is nowhere near as handy as just seeing the info right within a folder at a glance.

Would really like to hear back from you guys on this, thanks!

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Hey Al Sape! I don't have any information about future iterations at the moment, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know. Your suggestion to reintroduce this view has been passed on to the team 😊

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