More Detail in the Space Info area

Hi Guys,

Spaces are a great addition to Wrike, but it seems they have second-class citizen (for now) attributes when it comes to the info panel, this is what we have currently, correct?

and you can just write in a bit of text, with no comments, status, etc. like Folders and Projects have.  Could you please think about expanding to spaces that capability?  One use for this would be if a Space is used by a team, you could then send intra-team messages via that space panel's comments, just like you can now with Projects.  


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Hi Al Sape, thanks for posting this suggestion! 

I'm wondering what you're looking to achieve with that. For example, how would you use statuses for spaces? Or, using a space's comments stream, wouldn't it soon become cluttered with comments? Spaces are designed to be used as hubs for different teams in Wrike. It would be great if you could share more detail here! Thanks! 

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Lisa, sure glad to elaborate:

There are many other tools that I've used that have more around "Spaces" - which is a frequently used "top level" grouping across just about all Work Management apps I've tested, just like in Wrike.

Asana for example has a Spaces equivalent - "Teams," so to your point they even named their "Spaces" in a way so it's clear they are for Teams. In these "Conversations" you can have sensible communication - basically comments with a subject and in the form of a thread.  Very useful, and does a lot to cut back on Email.  They also have these Conversations for Projects.  You guys don't have any such Conversation type at all around Wrike, so in fact what you are saying would happen with "clutter" is actually a problem I have with Wrike itself!  All your areas where conversations can happen - which is simply in "comments" within Projects or Folders or Tasks - lead to one long string of comments that can be hard to follow, especially as you guys don't allow the option to sort by most recent:

Nor is there any notion of "threads" in comments, so they can't have responses, nor can they be resolved.  Those features of threads and resolving are prominent in a lot of other apps' comments feature.  So I've had trouble getting used to Wrike because you guys don't have that in your Comments.  That said, you have a lot of terrific other elements in Comments, like including them directly in the Activity Stream of a task, but the way they are set up now, they lead to unstructured chatter for my team without threads or resolutions, or a "subject line" feature I'm speaking of with this "Conversations" concept.

If I had the ability to create Conversations at a Space level - with a subject, and threaded, that would eliminate my need to do a workaround about communicating with my team about the Space in general.  Now the only way to do that is, say, via comments in a Project, or not at all.

In addition to being a hub for a team, Spaces I have found useful to simply represent company function areas (which also are teams, too):

- Marketing




Short of this "Conversations" feature, it would be useful at least to be able to comment anything like you can with Projects and Folders.  In the current version of Spaces, how would I post any information about "Marketing" in general?  Even the Space description, where you might want to post some guidelines for example, not only lacks rich formatting, but has a character limit as well.  So not very useful.

Another very popular tool, Confluence, uses Spaces as a sort of "hub" where you can post SOP's, team announcements, etc. and it's very useful.  Again, I'm not sure how to get that in Wrike when the Spaces "container" only allows for a bit of text and that's it.

Status is something that would be a lesser need I think, but I really could see a benefit if you beefed up the basic info capability for Spaces to get closer to what you have on Projects and Folders.

I hope that's useful, thanks!

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Hi Al Sape, thank you for this input! It's been passed on to the Product team for use in future discussions about Spaces.

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Thanks @...

I also wanted to add that I think it would be Showing History of a Space.  Some attributes that are now missing:

- When a space was created

- Who Created it

- If you could comment at a Space level, you could log these updates as well as any other activity, such as uploading of Bookmarks, adding members, and other Space-specific activity.  I would love to see a full Activity Stream that would also pull in details about all Folder & Project activity in a Space, but that may be too ambitious for now.

Thanks and hoping to see some of this extra stuff come to Spaces soon!

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No problem, Al Sape! If you have any other questions, let me know 😊

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