Organize tasks into folder with selective sharing

We have a specific issue which we could solve before using a workaround, but it doesn't work anymore.

To explain the situation: let's assume there is a task created via request that contains sensitive data. The user that created the task via request by default has access to it, which is fine. Let's also assume the user doesn't have access to this type of sensitive data for other tasks. The problem arises when you want this user to see all these tasks organized in one folder. If you share the folder where all the tasks are located, he will also see the tasks he is not supposed to. If you don't share the folder, tasks are "floating in space" and there's no way to locate them other than to search for the specific task using the upper right search.

What we used to do before was to create two folders. Main one was shared with everyone, while the one inside it was shared only with people that have access to the sensitive information in task. This way, when users had "Show tasks from subfolders" enabled, they could see the tasks they created in the main folder, while not seeing others. With changing how the function "Show tasks from subfolders" work this is not possible anymore.

Is there any workaround for this situation, or any plan to change the function back to how it was before?

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Hi Aljaž Gorjup, thank you for this use case! It's been passed on to the Product team. 

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