deleting my email

can someone help me delete my email? I attempted to create my own account but my company already had it going


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Hi Phillip Espalin!

Do you mean that you'd like to delete the account that you made or remove the email address from your company Wrike account?

If you mean to remove your email address, here's how you can do it:

1.Click your profile image in the Workspace's upper right-hand corner. 
2.Find the “Sign-in & Security” section on the “Profile” page. 
3.Click the three-dot menu button on the right. 
4. Select "Delete". 
5. Click "Save changes". 
6. Enter the password that you use to log in to Wrike.

This is only possible if your email account is your secondary one. You cannot delete your primary email address. If you need to change a primary email: add a new email address, confirm it, and set it as the primary email address. After that you will be able to delete the old email address

If you mean to delete your account entirely, you can do this through the Settings tab in your Account Management menu.

Let me know if this helps!

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