Unite New Table and Gantt Chart "right click" functionality

In both the New Table view, and Gantt chart view, you guys have some great functionality available with the right click.  I think this is a real differentiator of Wrike, as I've used a ton of rival tools and this really makes it easy to move tasks around and plan in a jiffy.  However, you do not have unified capability, which I think would really help.  I find myself in the Gantt view often to do this:

- Add task above existing one

- Indent, Outdent, Branch Roll up

However, in the New Table view you can add a project or folder with the right click, but you can't do that on Gantt.

So I'd like to ask that you guys unify these so they both can be used for planning equally as well.

And while I'm here, is there a reason some of these are available in one view, but not the other?  Maybe I'm missing something here?


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