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I have been surprised to find, as I'm beginning with Wrike, that although there is great capability to create tasks from Email - by Emailing Wrike, the Chrome Extension, and the Gsuite add on that even works in the Gmail iOS app among others, that there is no way to create a project or folder from an email.  Often I get an email that I'd like to discuss with my team and plan work around.  It is not of the nature that an individual task would be the correct way to represent the Email in Wrike.  For example, I get an Email from a partner I'd long since given up on, who wants a new proposal.  This proposal has steps and needs a project in Wrike, not a task.

Since I cannot create a new project from the Email, an alternative would be to create the task, and convert to a project.  That's here:

and here:

and here!:

Ton of votes there, and if you guys released that, this would not be a problem as it would be easy to move the task to a project.  In fact, combine with the ability to create a project from Email, gives the user even more choice:

1. Create the task, existing functionality:  For example, task to follow-up based on an Email from a client

2. Create a project per this request:  Email is an offer to joint the Inc 5000 and a project needs to be evaluated to undertake that work

3. Task that may become a project:  A business associate writes asking to start a new integration with your and her website.  This task could be moved into a folder in Wrike called "ideas," and kept as a task until it either is dismissed if you don't want to do the integration, and gets "closed," or moved to a project if the integration comes to fruition.

Hoping you guys will give this some thought, thanks!

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A big use case for us - since the integration for Salesforce with Wrike isn't great - would be to set up a Wrike Project based on an email from Salesforce with the information from Salesforce.

We currently create tasks this way but would love the ability to set up Projects with the info from Salesforce.

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