More "quick click" ability in list view

I think you guys have a ton of potential if you let users customize the core list view, and add more information.  There is a lot of "real estate" between the name of the task, and the few bits of info on the right - date, and status.  

What I'd really like to see is the ability easily to manipulate the task attributes.  You have a great feature I show below that allows you to actually click the date, right in the list view, and without the full task view coming up, change the due date.  Very nice for keeping navigation quick!

If you could do the same with Status, and say other info if you guys added it to this view, like sharing, adding folder/space, etc., I think those improvements would really help the overall UX of Wrike.

Thanks as always for the consideration!

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I couldn't find mention of this anywhere else here, but I 100% agree with Al's feedback above. I would just love the ability to click a status on the List view and have a popup dropdown menu to update the status. This would reduce the number of clicks to two instead of three. (Current options are to open the task, click the status, then choose the new status; OR right-click on a task or subtask on the List view, click "Mark as", then choose the new status.) It's easy to update an owner or date on List view, but not statuses. Would love to see more consistent functionality to make the user experience easier/faster and reduce confusion/frustrion. Thanks for the consideration!

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Thank you Daisy Hibbard for your detailed feedback! I can see how it can improve your experience 😊
I've passed it on to our Product team. Here is a useful article explaining what happens after we receive Product feedback 🖊
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