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I've been testing out building a Kanban board from the Dashboard feature. The great benefit of this over a standard project Board is that each task takes up much less space, so I'm able to see more tasks at once. This is needed as I have quite a lot of tasks, and the standard Board view appears to be zoomed inn too far.

However, the one big thing that my Dashboard Kanban is missing is the "New Task" button! I can't create new tasks from the dashboard, which is a real deal breaker. Is there any workaround to this? Any way to either add the button or to somehow add new tasks themselves?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @H, 

I've used Dashboards to show a Kanban at the project level, which worked well enough for my team. Unfortunately, for tasks, it looks like you're going to have a trade-off for viewing tasks vs. the functionality available in Board View.

I would personally use Board View for a task-level Kanban, because the ability to add new tasks and drag them to change status is more helpful for me in managing day-to-day (even if that means I have to spend days scrolling through lists of tasks). 

I also agree that adding more functionality to Dashboards would be a wonderful plus. Have you posted about it in Project Feedback?


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I am also hoping that Wrike will add a lot more functionality to both Kanban boards and Dashboards, I have posted a few feature requests and I'd encourage you to surf the community and add votes!  I agree with @Carolanne that unfortunately you are right, both the boards themselves - with no ability to customize cards' size, so they are too big, and Dashboards, with no ability to create tasks, don't have enough function.

One thing I'm really looking for too is the ability to get more info into the tasks seen both in boards and Dashboards.  Compared to most other Kanban tools out there, the Wrike boards have precious little info, although some key stuff IS there like the ability to show an image, and due date.

Sorry that's not helpful, but wanted to chime in that I too agree there is not much help here until Wrike adds some features!

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