Clarification re: Spaces "tag" when a task is in a Space's Subfolder

Hello, and I'm hoping for some clarification if somebody can explain this.  

I am new to Wrike and very much intrigued by the hierarchy.  I am a veteran of multiple other PM apps/tools, most recently Jira which my team was adopting for business use outside of software engineering, and I am very familiar with the gamut of other top apps like Asana, Monday, Teamwork, ClickUp, Hive, Trello, etc. so I have some familiarity with working within an app like Wrike.

I think the Spaces are a great new feature, but as I onboard into Wrike, I noticed something perplexing:  I had a few tasks that were in a subfolder that I created in a Space.  These tasks actually got merged into my "real" Wrike account due to my using the same Email address in a 2nd account I was testing.  I also had a Space set up with the same name as the Space in my "real" account.  So while housecleaning, I noticed these few tasks were visible in the Space top-level list view.  But, they are also in one of the sub-folders with many other tasks not visible in this view.  I couldn't figure out why the tasks that are in the same subfolder as other tasks, are visible in the top-level list view, while others in that subfolder are not - they are just in the subfolder.  I am referring to the "hide tasks from subfolders" view, so not tasks that are in subfolders would normally be visible.  I can see the subfolder tag on these tasks that are visible at the top level.

What's more, when I go to the subfolder, the tasks that are "living" at that top level in the space have the space tag visible, while the others in the subfolder do not.

So I deduced that these tasks visible at the top level have an additional, manual tag of the name of the Space, and that's why they are showing here, and don't have the behavior of the tasks that are in the subfolder, but without a manual tag of the Space.  

This subfolder only exists in this space, so my question is, in such a situation where a folder is only in one space, do you still have to manually add the space to the task to have it show up in the space? This seems redundant and counter-intuitive.  

I'd be grateful if anybody could shed some light on this.  Perhaps I need some "Wrike Kool Aid" to get more into the depths of the swiss-army knife malleability of the Wrike hierarchy, as this is striking me as an almost overly-flexible set up.


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Hi Al, thanks so much for taking the time to describe the issue! I was trying to reproduce but couldn't, so what do you say if I create a Support ticket for you for this? 

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