Gantt Chart View - Calendar now taking up all real estate

Recently, there was a change made where you can no longer control how much space the calendar view option takes when viewing the Gantt Chart view.  It now takes up exactly half of the screen regardless of how big you make it or if you remove the left hand menu column and I can't move 'the line' to the right any more.  This is very distracting because this is the only view where the predecessor information is viewable.  When creating a new project plan and you need to be able to see task description, start date, end date, predecessor and are constantly scrolling to the left and right to see all the info for a task.  

I can't see the benefit of removing the ability to control how much room the calendar view takes up.  Please re-instate the ability to adjust this OR allow the predecessor column to be added to the New Table view so that all data can be in 1 place at 1 time.  

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