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I'm building out Wrike for our design team, photography team, social team, sales and engagement team, and all of our collaborators. Since collaborators don't have the ability to create calendars or reports, I've been creating them on my personal account and sharing the calendars/reports with them.

This has been very helpful for them, but my workspace is beginning to get cluttered. Is there any way to implement a "folder tree" to calendars and requests where I could place all of the ones that don't apply to my work so they are hidden? Thank you!

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I like this idea. Also, our team really needs the ability to report on calendars and/or folders. 25+ reps are working on creating marketing calendars for hundreds of customers around the country. To gauge how we are tracking against our goals and benchmarks, we need to be able to report on how many calendars each rep has created with associated budgets. 

We intentionally decided to create our calendar tasks within folders - not projects - because calendars are continuous (no end date) and we didn't want our other reports to look skewed (number of active projects projects). However, we can't report on folders (only projects and tasks).

This is causing us difficulty in managing our expectations and team members. Please add the ability to report on calendars or folders!

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