Major changes in "Work Schedules"

During the weekend major changes in "Work Schedules" have been deployed (without any prior announcement).


This key feature of Wrike has been massively reduced in its functional scope and quality.


1. How do I change the color of non-working days? Currently there are only two categories ("Vacation / PTO" and "Other non-working") and both have the same color (grey). You cannot distinguish whether an exception is "vacation" or "other" unless you click on each day (which is really annoying).

2. Where is 2017? It seems that all information about 2017 has been deleted? How can I access my work schedule of 2017?

3. Where are the notes? We used the comments/notes feature to store important information about each non-working day. How can I access my old notes and how can I add/change comments in the future?

4. Why have the categories been merged? For example it makes sense to have a category for days of illness.

Especially 2. and 3. are absolutely necessary and crucial features.


Thank you for your support.

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