Board view - Dragging cards on touch screen


We use a 47" touch screen running on Windows 10 as a Kanban board in our team's office.

With our current tool, we can drag cards across the board with our finger, which is awesome for live workflow collaboration with other team members.

Unfortunatly, this feature does not seems to be supported with Wrike.


Could you please allow to drag cards in the board view for touch screens?


Thank you.

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I use Wrike on a Surface Pro 4 and make extensive use of both the pen and touch screens.  However, I cannot scroll the Gantt chart or click and drag handles to move tasks using either of these interfaces -- a "touch and hold" or "pen and hold" does not appear to have the same effect as "click and drag," but only works using a device that identifies itself as a mouse (i.e. the type cover touchpad or a proper mouse).


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